How much does a smart home cost?

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Anyone who is building the home of their dreams or upgrading an existing home, the multitude of “smart” options is overwhelming to the point of exhaustion. To help you through your planning process, we are breaking down what you need to get the solutions that you want, and how much it will cost.

How can I get the smart home of my dreams?

For many, a “smart home” is either a luxury from the future or a misunderstood cluster of products, leaving unanswered questions about the costs and the value it really brings.

Here at Loxone, an intelligent building means so much more: a unified home where technology simply works as it should in the background, with reduced points of control and switches that are actually rarely needed.

We want to make it easier for you to understand the value of automation in real context. When it comes to the cost of automation to make your home technology run smoothly, you ultimately decide the extent of functionality that suits your needs for lighting, security, audio and more.

We have put together three sample packages of a smart home, and show you what value it brings, plus what cost you can expect.




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Kitchen of a Loxone smart home

Looking to get started with core elements of home automation? Enjoy the benefits of living in a smart home with the Starter option. This package will give you automatic lighting, zoned heating and cooling and security features in the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. You’ll be able to control all of these from simplified switches in each room and the Loxone App, and you have plenty of room for future updates.